More calls in less time - without using desk phones

For sales teams, communication via phone is still essential, because nothing is better than personal contact with your customer. And when it comes to making phone the speed with which your team can process calls plays an important role. Additionally, the availability of all important information about potential customers is crucial.
Telefonie für Sales Teams

CLINQ gives sales teams a powerful tool for better communication and more deals.

How CLINQ supports your team in their daily work:

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All information at a glance:

Connection your CRM
to your telephony

CLINQ is a tool that is connecting to the software you are using. CLINQ can be easily integrated into all common CRM systems, so that contact data is synchronized and available where it is needed: directly in the work environment and on the your phone.

Call history in your CRM

In the case of HubSpot, salesforce, pipedrive, Moco & Pipeliner, CLINQ also writes the call history to the respective customer in the CRM - with all useful information about the call.

Important information at a glance

The integration of CRM systems allows you to see which customer is currently in touch, so that all important information is available before the conversation begins.

Using CRM Contacts in CLINQ

Auto-completion of names and phone numbers in CLINQ helps you find and contacts faster. No more tedious typing of phone numbers - just click and start the call.

Making calls, hands free

Write an offer during a phone call? Or leave a message for other employees, quickly? The best way doing this to do this is while having your hands free - a desk phone will get in the way. CLINQ can be used with a headset or directly via your computer's speakers and microphone. Incoming calls are signalled as ring tones or desktop notifications if you don't want to be disturbed by sound. Another advantage: With CLINQ, you're not tied to your workstation: You can work and make calls anywhere.

More efficient telephoning

Click to call directly
from your browser

Especially when acquiring new customers, it can be useful to call phone numbers on websites directly with a click. With the CLINQ extension for Google Chrome this is possible without any problems. The extension automatically recognizes phone numbers and makes them accessible.

All information at a glance:

Callback List for missed leads

In addition to the call history, CLINQ offers a practical callback list. Any call can be marked for a callback and provided with a note. The call then is saved to the callback list. Using this feature, everyone in the team can easily schedule the priority in which customers should be called back. This can be particularly useful if not all colleagues are sitting in the same office: The callback list shows all important information without having to consult colleagues again.

Optimise capacity:
Statistiken zum

What is the availability of your team? How many calls were there in total? Who makes the most calls and needs to be relieved? These and many other data are important in order to organize a sales team. In CLINQ, you can see the total number of calls made and missed and the percentage of team availability - important information especially for the sales manager, who can optimize accordingly. For example, colleagues can easily be assigned to other teams with a click and opening hours with announcements for individual channels can be set up. All changes are always immediately active and can be changed at any time.

If you need more detailed statistics, you may also download all the data as a CSV file for optimal analysis. The file contains all data about the call, in which channel the call took place and when, how long the call was and much more.

Well organized

Channels for customer groups or cities

Channels in CLINQ can be flexibly adapted to your team's requirements with just a few clicks. When it comes to focusing on specific locations or addressing specific target groups, the names of the channels can be adjusted accordingly and the statistics can show how traffic is distributed.

Individuell anpassbar

Separate caller IDs for each channel

Especially useful is the assignment of a individual caller IDs to channels. All telephone numbers in your CLINQ account can be distributed among the channels as required. This allows you to control incoming and outgoing telephony at any time.