Service description CLINQ

1.1. Conclusion of contract
1.2. CLINQ account
1.3. sipgate credit account, payment procedure
1.4. Contract term and termination CLINQ
2.1 Features CLINQ
2.2 Features CLINQ Premium
2.3 Requirements for using CLINQ
2.4. Minimum availability
2.5. Access to the sipgate website / web interface
2.6. Itemized bill of connection prices
3.1 Emergency services limitations

Service description CLINQ

The following service description CLINQ regulates the conditions for the use of the services described, which sipgate GmbH provides under the CLINQ brand. If and to the extent that the customer has to pay a fee for the following services, this is shown in the current version of the price list. The current version of the respective price list is linked at the end of this document. In addition, the service description(s), which the customer has already agreed to when booking other products, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Business of sipgate GmbH shall apply.

1. general terms and conditions

1.1 Conclusion of contract

The contractual partners are sipgate GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "sipgate") Gladbacher Str. 74, 40219 Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Local Court, HRB 39841) and the customer. The contract is concluded upon receipt of an order confirmation from sipgate by the customer. The order confirmation shall be sent to the email address stored by the customer in his sipgate account.

1.2 CLINQ account

sipgate assigns the customer a CLINQ account within the framework of the statutory and contractual provisions. This contains all the data relevant to the contractual relationship between the customer and sipgate. In this context, a customer number is assigned to the customer. Within the framework of this account, sipgate also manages the customer's credit account.

1.3. sipgate credit account, payment procedure

For the use of CLINQ services, sipgate maintains a credit account with which any costs incurred are offset. The prerequisite for the use of CLINQ is the Customer's participation in the direct debit or credit card procedure (4.2. of the CLINQ GTC) and the Customer's agreement to the billing of the services according to the Auto-Prepay method in accordance with the applicable GTC (4.1. of the CLINQ GTC). If recurring costs are incurred and the customer no longer has sufficient credit, a negative credit is created. From a negative credit balance of -10 EUR, sipgate will issue an invoice with the outstanding amount on the 20th of the month. However, the customer can still be contacted in any case. Also the other functionalities are still available to the customer.

1.4 Contract Term and Termination

The contract period for CLINQ is one month. At the end of the minimum term, the contract is extended by one month if it is not terminated. The CLINQ Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time with one business day's notice to the end of a month, which means that there must be a full business day between the termination and the date on which the termination is to take effect. Notice of termination must be given in writing (e.g. by email). sipgate is entitled to demand proof of the identity/legitimacy of the party giving notice. The CLINQ account remains valid free of charge after termination of the contract and can be deleted at any time at the customer's request. sipgate reserves the right to delete inactive accounts in accordance with the applicable General Terms and Conditions.


The CLINQ product is used to connect telephone software (a so-called webphone) with a customer relations management system ("CRM"). In this way, calls can be made directly from the CRM. It is also possible to accept incoming calls via the webphone. In the case of an incoming call, the CRM can - depending on the scope of services of the CRM - provide the called party with further information on the respective caller.

2.1 CLINQ features

A CLINQ account includes access to CLINQ services for a user. Additional users can be added. Each CLINQ account includes a telephone number block with 3 local telephone numbers from the local network of the customer's company headquarters. In addition, the CLINQ service includes 60 free minutes per month to German landline and mobile networks. The quota is used by all users of the account. Unused free minutes cannot be transferred to the new month or saved.

2.2 CLINQ Premium Features

A CLINQ Premium Account includes access to CLINQ services for one user. Additional users can be booked for a fee. Each CLINQ Premium Account includes a telephone number block with 10 local telephone numbers from the local network of the customer's company headquarters. In addition, CLINQ Premium includes an EU-allnet flat rate, which enables all users of the account to make free calls to landlines and mobile networks in the European Union. Connections that are not covered by the flat rate will be billed at the conditions stated under

2.2 Requirements for using CLINQ

To be able to use CLINQ, the Customer must first have a broadband Internet connection. A browser that supports the webphone must also be used. In addition, the customer can integrate a CRM system supported by CLINQ. The CRM must have an interface to the telephony software from sipgate.

2.3 Minimum availability

CLINQ uses sipgate's telephony systems. The average minimum availability of sipgate's telephony systems 365 days a year is 99%. Maintenance, installation and conversion times are explicitly excluded from the calculation of the SIP server availability. Transmission quality and availability may be restricted by the technical conditions of other telecommunications networks, the Internet connection used by the customer and his other hardware and software. These factors may possibly lead to restrictions that are beyond the control of sipgate. sipgate is not responsible for these restrictions.

2.4 Access to the CLINQ Website / Web Interface

sipgate shall provide the Customer with access to the Web Interface for the administration and use of the various CLINQ services and functions. Access to the CLINQ Website or the Web Interface is generally available 24 hours a day. However, sipgate does not guarantee uninterrupted accessibility or uninterrupted availability of all functions.

2.5 Itemised bill of a call

Itemised bill of a call is only issued for CLINQ Premium Accounts. Depending on the configuration in the customer's CLINQ account, it is possible to retrieve itemized bills. The customer commissions sipgate to store traffic data and make them available online in an itemised bill of lading (EVN) upon conclusion of the contract. sipgate shall make the EVN available free of charge via the web interface in the CLINQ account. With the activation, the customer declares that he has informed all current and future co-users and - to the extent required by law - involved the works council or staff representatives. Connections billed within the framework of flat rates are not listed in the itemised bill.

2.6 Prices

The use of CLINQ is free of charge. The current prices for CLINQ Premium can be found at The applicable rates for calls not covered by the CLINQ Premium Flatrate (e.g. calls outside the EU) correspond to those of sipgate team and are available at:

3. Limitations and restrictions

3.1 Emergency services limitations

It is not possible to call or reach emergency services with CLINQ outside of Germany or without a German CLINQ account.