CLINQ Premium

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0,- per month and user*
  • Includes 3 local landline phone numbers (per team)
  • 600 Minutes within the EU included
  • Make calls directly from your CRM with our Google Chrome extension
  • Sync your contacts from your CRM
  • Terminable monthly
  • Automatic synchronisation of your call history with your CRM
  • Voicemails ​
  • Detailed statistics of incoming and outgoing calls
  • An additional private channel per user
  • Free Call forwarding to your mobile phone
  • Slack integration
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29,95 per month and user*
  • Includes 3 local landline phone numbers (per team)
  • Includes all calls within the EU
  • Make calls directly from your CRM with our Google Chrome extension
  • Sync your contacts from your CRM
  • Terminable monthly
  • Automatic synchronisation of your call history with your CRM
  • Voicemails
  • Detailed statistics of incoming and outgoing calls
  • An additional private channel per user
  • Free Call forwarding to your mobile phone
  • Slack integration

Call Rates

Landline and mobile call rates for all calls outside of the EU call package. 

Afghanistan25,13 cent25,13 cent
Ägypten8,32 cent8,32 cent
Alaska4,12 cent4,12 cent
Albanien14,2 cent19,24 cent
Algerien7,48 cent25,13 cent
Amerikanisch-Samoa6,64 cent6,64 cent
Amerikanische Jungferninseln2,44 cent2,44 cent
Andorra4,12 cent16,72 cent
Angola8,32 cent8,32 cent
Anguilla12,52 cent16,72 cent
Antarktis58,74 cent58,74 cent
Antigua und Barbuda15,04 cent19,24 cent
Äquatorialguinea19,24 cent19,24 cent
Argentinien3,28 cent10,84 cent
Armenien11,68 cent15,04 cent
Aruba11,68 cent19,24 cent
Ascension83,95 cent83,95 cent
Aserbaidschan19,24 cent27,65 cent
Äthiopien20,92 cent20,92 cent
Australien2,44 cent4,96 cent
Bahamas8,32 cent10,84 cent
Bahrain8,32 cent8,32 cent
Bangladesch4,12 cent4,12 cent
Barbados19,24 cent19,24 cent
Belarus (Weißrussland)29,33 cent29,33 cent
Belgien0 cent0 cent
Belize16,72 cent19,24 cent
Benin20,92 cent20,92 cent
Bermuda3,28 cent3,28 cent
Bhutan6,64 cent6,64 cent
Bolivien15,04 cent15,04 cent
Bosnien und Herzegowina25,13 cent25,13 cent
Botsuana6,64 cent19,24 cent
Brasilien3,28 cent6,64 cent
Britische Jungferninseln12,52 cent20,92 cent
Brunei Darussalam4,12 cent4,12 cent
Bulgarien0 cent0 cent
Burkina Faso20,92 cent20,92 cent
Burundi16,72 cent16,72 cent
Côte d’Ivoire29,33 cent29,33 cent
Chile3,28 cent3,28 cent
China1,6 cent2,44 cent
Congo, Democratic Republic of20,92 cent32,61 cent
Cookinseln50,34 cent50,34 cent
Costa Rica7,48 cent7,48 cent
Dänemark0 cent0 cent
Deutschland0 cent0 cent
Dominica8,32 cent20,92 cent
Dominikanische Republik3,28 cent10,84 cent
Dschibuti29,33 cent29,33 cent
Ecuador11,68 cent19,24 cent
El Salvador16,72 cent19,24 cent
Eritrea20,92 cent20,92 cent
Estland0 cent0 cent
Färöer6,64 cent15,04 cent
Falkland Islands (malvinas)41,93 cent41,93 cent
Fidschi15,04 cent15,04 cent
Finnland0 cent0 cent
Frankreich0 cent0 cent
Französisch-Guayana2,44 cent4,12 cent
Französisch-Polynesien23,45 cent23,45 cent
Gabun36,05 cent41,93 cent
Gambia41,93 cent41,93 cent
Georgien4,96 cent11,68 cent
Ghana16,72 cent19,24 cent
Gibraltar4,12 cent15,04 cent
Grönland41,93 cent41,93 cent
Grenada15,04 cent20,92 cent
Griechenland0 cent0 cent
Guadeloupe2,44 cent4,12 cent
Guam1,6 cent1,6 cent
Guatemala16,72 cent19,24 cent
Guinea36,05 cent36,05 cent
Guinea-Bissau25,13 cent25,13 cent
Guyana20,92 cent23,45 cent
Haiti19,24 cent25,13 cent
Honduras13,36 cent16,72 cent
Indien2,44 cent2,44 cent
Indonesien7,48 cent7,48 cent
Irak11,68 cent16,72 cent
Iran5,8 cent5,8 cent
Irland0 cent0 cent
Island4,12 cent12,52 cent
Israel2,44 cent3,28 cent
Isle of Man2,02 cent14,9 cent
Italien0 cent0 cent
Jamaika11,68 cent19,24 cent
Japan3,28 cent8,32 cent
Jemen16,72 cent19,24 cent
Jordanien12,52 cent12,52 cent
Kaimaninseln10 cent20,92 cent
Kambodscha5,8 cent5,8 cent
Kamerun23,45 cent23,45 cent
Kanada1,6 cent1,6 cent
Kap Verde16,72 cent23,45 cent
Kasachstan3,28 cent12,52 cent
Katar19,24 cent19,24 cent
Kenia13,36 cent13,36 cent
Kirgisistan15,04 cent15,04 cent
Kiribati41,93 cent41,93 cent
Kolumbien4,12 cent7,48 cent
Komoren20,92 cent31,85 cent
Kongo-Brazzaville33,53 cent33,53 cent
Korea South2,44 cent4,12 cent
Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of2,44 cent4,12 cent
Kosovo41,18 cent41,18 cent
Kosovo (Monaco Telecom)31,85 cent31,85 cent
Kroatien0 cent0 cent
Kuba67,14 cent67,14 cent
Kuwait4,12 cent8,32 cent
Laos4,96 cent4,96 cent
Lesotho15,04 cent20,92 cent
Lettland0 cent0 cent
Libanon11,68 cent15,04 cent
Liberia33,53 cent33,53 cent
Libyen19,24 cent25,13 cent
Liechtenstein10 cent12,52 cent
Litauen0 cent0 cent
Luxemburg0 cent0 cent
Madagaskar41,93 cent41,93 cent
Malawi11,68 cent11,68 cent
Malaysia2,44 cent2,44 cent
Malediven58,74 cent58,74 cent
Mali20,92 cent29,33 cent
Malta0 cent0 cent
Marokko2,44 cent31,85 cent
Marshallinseln20,92 cent20,92 cent
Martinique1,6 cent4,12 cent
Mauretanien40,25 cent40,25 cent
Mauritius10 cent10 cent
Mayotte4,12 cent4,12 cent
Mazedonien36,05 cent36,05 cent
Mexiko1,6 cent4,96 cent
Mexiko Stadt1,6 cent4,96 cent
Mikronesien16,72 cent16,72 cent
Monaco8,32 cent29,33 cent
Mongolei4,12 cent4,12 cent
Montenegro15,04 cent33,53 cent
Montserrat16,72 cent16,72 cent
Mosambik7,48 cent20,92 cent
Myanmar23,45 cent23,45 cent
Namibia7,48 cent11,68 cent
Nauru67,14 cent67,14 cent
Nepal12,52 cent12,52 cent
Neukaledonien15,04 cent15,04 cent
Neuseeland2,44 cent4,96 cent
Nicaragua19,24 cent20,92 cent
Niederländische Antillen14,2 cent14,2 cent
Niederlande0 cent0 cent
Niger20,92 cent20,92 cent
Nigeria7,48 cent7,48 cent
Niue50,34 cent50,34 cent
Norwegen2,02 cent12,52 cent
Oman13,36 cent20,92 cent
Österreich0 cent0 cent
Österreich 0810 cent8,4 cent8,4 cent
Österreich 0820 cent16,81 cent16,81 cent
Osttimor58,74 cent58,74 cent
Pakistan13,36 cent13,36 cent
Palau23,45 cent23,45 cent
Palestinian Territory, Occupied16,72 cent16,72 cent
Panama3,28 cent15,04 cent
Papua-Neuguinea50,34 cent50,34 cent
Paraguay4,96 cent7,48 cent
Peru2,44 cent10 cent
Philippinen12,52 cent16,72 cent
Polen0 cent0 cent
Portugal0 cent0 cent
Puerto Rico1,6 cent1,6 cent
Réunion8,32 cent8,32 cent
Republik Moldau20,92 cent23,45 cent
Ruanda25,13 cent25,13 cent
Rumänien0 cent0 cent
Russische Föderation6,64 cent10,84 cent
Südafrika7,48 cent7,48 cent
Südsudan25,13 cent25,13 cent
Salomonen67,14 cent67,14 cent
Sambia8,32 cent15,04 cent
Samoa41,93 cent41,93 cent
San Marino3,28 cent3,28 cent
Sao Tome and Principe50,34 cent50,34 cent
Saudi-Arabien10 cent15,04 cent
Schweden0 cent0 cent
Schweiz2,02 cent12,52 cent
Senegal15,04 cent19,24 cent
Serbien15,04 cent33,53 cent
Seychellen27,65 cent27,65 cent
Sierra Leone37,73 cent37,73 cent
Simbabwe37,73 cent37,73 cent
Singapur1,6 cent1,6 cent
Sint Maarten2,44 cent2,44 cent
Slowakei0 cent0 cent
Slowenien0 cent0 cent
Somalia33,53 cent37,73 cent
Sonderverwaltungszone Hongkong2,44 cent1,6 cent
Sonderverwaltungszone Macao6,64 cent6,64 cent
Spanien0 cent0 cent
Sri Lanka15,04 cent15,04 cent
St. Helena58,74 cent58,74 cent
St. Kitts und Nevis20,92 cent20,92 cent
St. Lucia20,92 cent20,92 cent
St. Pierre und Miquelon20,92 cent20,92 cent
St. Vincent und die Grenadinen16,72 cent20,92 cent
Sudan13,36 cent16,72 cent
Suriname20,92 cent20,92 cent
Swasiland16,72 cent19,24 cent
Syrien12,52 cent19,24 cent
Türkei4,96 cent12,52 cent
Tadschikistan15,04 cent19,24 cent
Taiwan2,44 cent11,68 cent
Tansania16,72 cent25,13 cent
Thailand2,44 cent2,44 cent
Togo29,33 cent33,53 cent
Tokelau58,74 cent58,74 cent
Tonga33,58 cent33,58 cent
Trinidad und Tobago15,04 cent15,04 cent
Tschad20,92 cent25,13 cent
Tschechische Republik0 cent0 cent
Tunesien40,25 cent40,25 cent
Turkmenistan12,52 cent12,52 cent
Turks- und Caicosinseln15,04 cent19,24 cent
Tuvalu41,93 cent67,14 cent
Uganda15,04 cent15,04 cent
Ukraine12,52 cent16,72 cent
Ungarn0 cent0 cent
United Kingdom Toll Free0 cent0 cent
Uruguay5,8 cent20,92 cent
Usbekistan5,8 cent5,8 cent
Vanuatu37,73 cent58,74 cent
Vatican State2,44 cent2,44 cent
Venezuela1,6 cent3,28 cent
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate19,24 cent19,24 cent
Vereinigte Staaten1,6 cent1,6 cent
Vereinigtes Königreich0 cent0 cent
Vietnam8,32 cent8,32 cent
Wallis und Futuna41,93 cent41,93 cent
Zentralafrikanische Republik25,13 cent25,13 cent
Zypern0 cent0 cent