Why CLINQ will focus on AI in the future.

“How can we make people more productive who phone a lot ?”

We often ask ourselves this question – not just for CLINQ, but also for our other products at sipgate. However, the answer is different for each individual product. While our existing products have to cater already existing markets, CLINQ has an intentionally different solution space. This includes approaches we have never done at sipgate before, technologies which are not readily available for a mass market and ideas that can not easily be described.

While AI is by no means new and chatbots are everywhere, there is no readily available solution, that merges AI to an out of the box business telephony solution. We are sure it fits perfectly with the mission of CLINQ which led us to adapt the question as follows:

“How can we make people more productive who phone a lot using AI?”

This adjustment opened a new space of solutions and a lot of unanswered questions. First and foremost we had to determine which jobs AI could fulfill in telephony and which ones are most valuable for our customers. We perceived two main aims for different types of customers.

In customer support, the most valuable outcome is when every customer can solve the problem without ever talking to a human. Contemporary solutions include FAQ systems and Chatbots. In sales today, human interaction is essential. This makes it all the more important that the agent who talks to the customer is well informed, trustworthy and effective. CRMs, Battle Cards and many more support this approach.

We agreed that our first approach would be to augment the agents. The idea is to make the humans better instead of replacing them with a machine. Speaking of which, we want to reduce superfluous talk time and post call work to a minimum while still offering the customers human interaction.

Natural language understanding and speech recognition are two technologies heavily based on AI and will be used to understand what the participants in a conversation say. Our goal is to use these technologies to improve the outcome of business calls for all of our customers. We believe, that AI or Machine Learning is one of the biggest game changers for business telephony in the coming years and we at CLINQ want to shape this technology instead of following someone else’s lead.

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