Set up your Business Telephony at home in less than 10 minutes

Stay in touch with your customers remotely

Due to the current situation, many companies are forced to have their employees work from home. We support this decision and hope that we can help you with our service to avoid problems whilst working remote.

One major challenge might be the guaranteed availability of you and your colleagues for your customers. With CLINQ we offer you a free phone system which you can set up in less than 10 minutes.

What CLINQ can do for you

With CLINQ you can use your business phone number at home. In addition, you can set your caller ID individually for each outgoing call. As an example you can use the business phone number that is already known to your customers. To make sure that others can reach you at home, CLINQ channels allow you to organize all the team members in one channel whether they’re at home or at work.

600 minutes of free phone calls per month

To give you enough time for calling, we have increased our included free minutes from 60 to 600 minutes per month within the EU – at least until the end of April. Depending on the status report we will extend the promotion accordingly.
As a frequent caller you might want to book CLINQ Premium, which includes an Allnet flatrate for the whole EU. But the free minutes will probably be enough to try it out. And if that is not the case for you, just get in touch with our customer service. You will find the contact at the end of this article.

Setting up CLINQ in your home is this easy:

  • • Sign up for a free CLINQ account.
  • • You can immediately make your first phone calls. All you need is a PC or laptop and a headset. If necessary, you can also make calls directly from your laptop’s speaker and microphone.
  • • Next, you should forward your business phone number to the phone number in your CLINQ account so that you can answer your customers‘ calls in CLINQ.
  • • Set your business phone number in CLINQ as the caller ID. That way it will be displayed on your customers’ phones. When customers call you back, these calls will income in your CLINQ channel. Both you and your colleagues can answer the incoming calls. 
Simply use your business phone number as your Caller ID

See all call information at a glance

Combine home office and business in one channel

With CLINQ you can phone with your colleagues and customers or answer incoming calls, regardless of who is in the office or at home. Simply invite your colleagues via e-mail to a CLINQ channel, for example the customer service or sales team. If a call rings on the channel’s phone number, the call is signalled to everyone in the channel. Whoever answers first takes the call.

Invite colleagues via email

Use your team’s phone number in your home office

If you have forwarded your team’s phone number to a CLINQ channel, everything will work as usual. Your customer will not notice the difference. In the respective channel (you can also create several others) all calls made, received and missed are displayed. You can also set your opening hours / office hours. An announcement is played for the caller, when you missed the call. You can simply type in and change your announcement at any time.

Set individual announcements outside your business hours

Tip: Make your company contacts available in CLINQ
You can easily integrate your existing CRM into CLINQ. Afterwards your company contacts will be available in CLINQ. This is currently possible with Google HubSpot, Outlook, pipedrive, salesforce, moco, Active Campaign and many more. You can see all the currently supported CRM systems in your CLINQ account. 

Just give CLINQ a try! We hope that our service will help you to master the current challenge more easily. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our customer service:


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      You don’t need a server to use CLINQ. Just create an account and we look into verifying your account. After that you can use CLINQ to make phone calls.


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