New: voicemails for all channels

We’ve got good news for all CLINQ Premium users! As of now all channels have their own individual voicemail. Listening to your voicemails is also easy: each voicemail will appear under the corresponding contact in your call history and can be listened to in just a click of the button.

Business hours and voicemail
You’ve probably already noticed that you can configure a different set of business hours for each channel. If you haven’t, you can set your hours just by clicking the little button next to your channel’s name. This is also where you can activate or deactivate your out of hours voicemail. Simply switch the toggle on (it’ll turn green) and your callers can leave a message after hearing your customized out of hours announcement.

DND and voicemail
Voicemail works similarly with your channel DND setting, otherwise known as an offline channel status. By clicking the same button as for business hours, next to your channel’s name, you can also change your channel status as well as edit your offline announcements. Under Edit offline announcement you can also activate your voicemail. Your callers will first hear your customized announcement and then be able to leave you a message. As with your out of hours voicemail, you will also be able to access the channel offline voicemail messages directly in your channel’s call history.

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